IWAH - Entwicklung einer industriellen Wertschöpfungskette für Altholz

Pirmin Jung
The IWAH project (Industrial Value Chain for Used Wood) aims to optimize supply chains in the recycling of used wood and promote its reuse within the wood industry in line with the principles of a circular economy. The challenge lies in the absence of an industrial supply chain for used wood. The objective is to create an overview of the value chain and the challenges related to the reuse of used wood. The project seeks to sustainably advance the circular economy within the wood industry.
During the CBI Booster, we will be developing an overview of the value chain for the reuse of used wood. We will outline the challenges related to the circular use of used wood and identify potential areas for improvement and optimization. We will also illustrate how an industrial supply chain can function and the ideal prerequisites for its operation. This will be achieved through research, surveys, interviews, and presented in a graphical format.
The circular aspects of our project will have a positive impact on the planet by reducing the use of new wood (and other materials) and promoting the increased reuse of used wood, effectively sequestering carbon dioxide stored in wood over the long term. This leads to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gases and emissions, making a significant contribution to climate protection and the establishment of a circular built environment.
Team profiles

» Daniel Müller (Project Lead)
» Corina Schärli

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