Frequently asked questions.

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Who can apply for the CBI Innovation Booster?

In principle, everyone with an idea that fulfills the criteria can apply, as long as you have the capacity to work on the idea with the CBI Innovation Booster for six months and then implement the idea in the long term.  

When can I apply for the CBI Innovation Booster?

The current application period is open until September 2, 2022. The next calls for application are planned for February 2023, May 2023, August 2023, and December 2023.  

Does a non-product or non-service-based idea qualify for the CBI Booster?

Non-product or non-services are welcome and can be funded, provided that they truly contribute to a shift towards circularity in the Swiss building industry. 

Innovation Booster key concepts.

Watch these educational videos by Innosuisse to learn more about the key concepts of the Innovation Boosters.

Radical Innovation:

Open Innovation and Intellectual Property:

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