Woodcycle (Wood in the loop)

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW)

The increased use of biogenic resources in construction significantly increases the pressure on the wood resources in Switzerland. Waste wood from the deconstruction of buildings has so far been mainly burned, recovered for energy and only a very small part is recycled as material. Therefore, WoodCYCLE – which stands for “wood in the loop” – re-integrates waste wood into the cycle by processing scrap wood and redistributing it to new construction sites. In this way, the shortage of wood in the construction industry can be counteracted. The customers of such a project can be timber construction companies or wood processing companies. Within the framework of the research project, solution approaches are to be developed as to how waste wood can become a resource and be kept in the cycle. WoodCYCLE wants to prevent the premature release of the CO2 stored in the wood and provide valuable raw materials for the construction sector for the renovation but also for the climate-neutral construction of new buildings. Within the CBI Booster, WoodCYCLE wants to benefit from the exchange with experts. 

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Contact: Andrea Klinge

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