Swiss Circular Construction Digital Ecosystem

Circular Engineering for Architecture (CEA), ETHZ

In recent years, there have been several initiatives in Switzerland to promote the reuse of materials and components in the construction industry. However, the construction sector is very fragmented and the individual actors interact little with each other. There is no overarching collaboration, which makes the process of reuse and circular construction complex and costly. Therefore, “The Swiss Circular Construction Digital Ecosystem” creates a service that enables collaboration between multiple parties such as material suppliers, transporters, demolition experts, third-party application providers and customers through a digital ecosystem. The goal is to efficiently connect buyers and sellers digitally to simplify material procurement, and provide necessary ancillary services such as transportation management of building materials and construction supplies. A digital ecosystem for circular construction in Switzerland could accelerate the transition of the built environment to a circular economy. The CBI Booster will support interacting with potential customers as well as connecting with other actors along the value chain that can be useful for the development of the digital ecosystem. 

Additional information

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