Robotic fabrication of rammed earth elements

Erne AG

The use of rammed earth as a sustainable and circular building material has been proven for thousands of years. The robotic processing of rammed earth now available enables the scaling and local production of prefabricated rammed earth elements. This is the basis for re-establishing rammed earth in today’s construction industry. To achieve this, a pilot project for a multi-story hybrid building was used to develop and test the digital and robotic production processes. In the production of the rammed earth elements, the excavated building material is poured into a formwork layer by layer without any additives and highly compacted by a robot. The construction and deconstruction of a rammed earth wall is thus completely circular. These prefabricated rammed earth elements are used as load-bearing and non-load-bearing interior wall elements. With the innovative manufacturing process “Robotic Fabrication of Rammed Earth Elements”, the traditional rammed earth was reintegrated into the construction industry in a scalable way and made BIM-compatible. With the help of the CBI Booster, we aim to increase awareness of this material for sustainable construction and find projects for implementation. 

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Contact: Tobias Bucher

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