Refurbishing of Re-Use Steel

Our project’s goal is to create an efficient process for refurbishing Re-Use steel surfaces. We’re bringing together key stakeholders for one or more demonstration projects to develop a viable business model. The process begins with on-site steel surface analysis and ends with responsible surface residue disposal. The central part of our project is the rollout of a prototype project in collaboration with Zirkular and Immobilien Basel-Stadt, with a particular emphasis on the Busdepot Rankhof.
During the CBI Booster program, we will work with corrosion protection experts, coordinate stakeholders, and focus on the rollout of this prototype project. We will also analyze the supply chain, paying close attention to cost drivers and areas for improvement.
Our project’s circular aspects involve establishing a circular supply chain for Re-Use Steel. This initiative will make a tangible contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and lay the foundation for reusing other material classes like wood and concrete.
Team profiles

»  Alberto Cerri (Project Lead)
»  Charlotte Bofinger (Civil Engineer)

Additional information

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Refurbishing of Re-Use Steel


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