Cyclopen masonry or how to give value to (mineral) quarry waste

Atelier Archiplein
By reconsidering the use of load-bearing walls in cyclopean masonry, this project undertakes a multidisciplinary and forward-looking exploration of the circular construction industry. The goal is to employ mineral extraction waste for new constructions by implementing a low-carbon construction system devoid of steel reinforcements, additives or chemicals. We posit that the pervasiveness of reinforced concrete and its negative externalities in not essential for ordinary buildings (e.g. residential buildings, museums, schools etc.) is unnecessary. By contrast, stone conveys universal cultural values and enjoys high social acceptance. By using it, we position ourselves within the spectrum of construction know-how to address the challenges posed by climate change and environmental issues.
Team profiles

»  Marlène Leroux (Co-Founder)
»  Guillaume Habert (Associate Professor for Sustainable Construction at ETHZ)
» Francis Jacquier (Architect)
» Salvatore Aprea (Director ACM Group)
» Olivier Dahenne

Additional information

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