Circular, low-carbon and price competitive floor slabs


The building industry is responsible for 37 percent of global CO2 emissions and consumes over 50 percent of all non-renewable resources extracted worldwide. Floor slabs account for up to 65 percent of a building structure, are mostly made of reinforced concrete, and therefore have a major negative impact on a building’s carbon footprint. Rematter is introducing a new type of ceiling system that is recyclable, low-carbon and, most importantly, price-competitive. Rematter brings one of the most sustainable solutions on the market with its hybrid clay-wood floor slab. The materials are 100 percent recyclable. In addition, wood and clay can be sourced locally – clay even directly as excavation material from construction sites. Compared to reinforced concrete slabs, hybrid clay-wood floor slabs contain 80 percent less sequestered carbon. Rematter hopes to bring about a significant paradigm shift towards a CO2-neutral and circular society, saving over 2 million t CO2-eq per year in Switzerland alone. The CBI Booster will support the project in finding suitable implementation and application partners. 

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