Circoplast (Circular Construction Plastics)


More than one million tons of plastics are consumed in Switzerland every year. 22 percent of this is used in the construction industry. Circoplast (Circular Construction Plastics) is tackling the problem of plastic consumption on construction sites and wants to to create recyclable systems for the various plastic types and usages in the long term. To do this, Circoplast is identifying quantities as well as product variations, and evaluating circular economy strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic in the construction industry. Circoplast is a collaboration of various partners from the industry under the leadership of realcycle GmbH. The goal is to reduce the amount of primary plastic produced, thereby reducing the environmental impact of production. With optimized management, fewer construction plastics would be burned, reducing the environmental impact of incineration. By means of the CBI Booster, Circoplast wants to use the industry network to achieve its ambitious goal and reach relevant people for future exchange on the topic.   

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