Swiss Inv

Cirkla, the leading organization for reuse in Switzerland, is spearheading efforts to unite stakeholders in developing a standardized, digital approach for inventorying buildings. This crucial project addresses the mounting demand within the construction sector, aiming to bolster the availability of reused materials while streamlining the inventory process. By diversifying material sources, this initiative fosters the widespread incorporation of reused materials into diverse projects throughout Switzerland, promising a sustainable and efficient future for the industry.

“During the CBI Booster, we will host workshops engaging stakeholders in reuse, notably those with expertise in inventory development or reuse platforms. Our objective is to compare various inventory lists and establish a unified data structure for inventories. The deliverable will be in Excel format and available in open source on the website.”

Team profiles

»  Sarah Ackermann (Coordinator Cirkla)

»  Arabelle de Saussure (Industrial Liaison Manager at ETHZ)


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