REUSE Yards - Harvest the Urban for Circular Re-Construction


In collaboration with local disposal sites and demolition companies, reuse yards alongside their recycling yards will be established as a pioneering solution for the interim storage of used materials, particularly windows. These yards will thus be integrated into an existing decentralized system for material collection and urban harvesting. The pilot disseminates the basis for establishing an efficient process for the reuse of building components in Switzerland to support a system transition toward CE. During the pilot phase, the collected materials will be dedicated to the benefit of emergency aid in Ukraine.

During the CBI Booster program, they will test and develop the suggested material flow and supply chain for re-used windows, evaluate availability & scalability of re-used materials, evaluate costs to develop scalable business models, calculate potential CO2 savings, and build and test a prototype of the reuse yard.

Team profiles

»  Félix Dillman (CEO)
»  Barbara Buser 


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