AFFECT Company
Our idea focuses on advancing the methodology of a disassemblable door frame system, promoting the widespread reuse of door leaves in architectural projects. In conventional construction, door frames are typically firmly integrated into walls, resulting in damage during removal and rendering door leaves useless, contributing to landfill waste. Reusing items like office doors in residential settings can improve living standards through enhanced acoustic insulation and overall living quality.
During the CBI Booster, we’ll work on developing guidelines for collecting essential information about reusable doors, assessing their reusability, and establishing precise measurement and recording processes for earmarked door leaves. We’ll also analyze and refine the ReDoor doorframe design for greater efficiency, improve data exchange processes, construct at least one functional prototype for testing, and comprehensively evaluate all aspects within the developed guidelines.
The circular aspects of our project aim to reduce waste and enhance resource efficiency in construction. Although doors make up a small part of a building’s carbon footprint, repurposing diverse door components and preventing them from ending up in landfills challenges the wasteful practice of discarding entire elements due to frame damage, promoting a more sustainable and circular built environment.
Team profiles

»  Clemens Waldhart (Founder)

»  Verena Pierret

Additional information

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