Material data in greenBIM

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW)
Institut Nachhaltigkeit und Energie am Bau (INEB)

greenBIM is a digital solution for embodied and operational energy analysis and optimization in buildings. The solution implements sustainability-related calculations in BIM while providing decision-making metrics throughout the design process and enabling architects and planners to consider environmental aspects directly in their working environment. Benchmarks on element and building level enable time saving, reliability and visualization.

To date, greenBIM considers predefined building components and simplified building geometry for an evaluation in an initial building lifecycle stage. Through the CBI Booster, the team aims to further develop the tool and provide detailed material-based information. In that way, architects and planners are facilitated to design their own building components, while taking into account environmental aspects and more complex building projects, and moving further in the building’s lifecycle.

Team profiles

»   Anita Naneva (Project Manager)
»   Barbara Sintzel (Project Coordinator/Head INEB)

Additional information

Find more details about the participating organization on the » Website and follow » LinkedIn for updates.


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