Our mission is to supply the construction industry with climate-positive materials, which means these materials absorb more CO2 over their lifetime than they emit. We’ve already completed a successful pilot project with our market launch product, a CO2-negative wall plaster, and have developed an MVP for thermal insulation. These products are made using biochar, a byproduct of power plants in Switzerland, which not only stores CO2 from the atmosphere but also reduces the need for raw materials like sand.
During the CBI Booster program, we are focussing on testing and certifying the wall plaster for industry use, while ramping up our marketing and sales activities to spread awareness of our mission and gain our first paying customers. We’re also partnering with ZHAW to develop additional products, such as thermal insulation and bricks.
Our project’s circular aspects are centered around biochar, a material made from waste biomass. This renewable resource can also be used for soil remediation techniques at the end of the building product lifecycle. By remediating soil, we improve biomass yield, increase biochar availability, reduce the need for raw materials, and close the material cycle, contributing to a circular built environment.
Team profiles

»  Charles Gerike-Roberts (Co-Founder)
»  Moritz Keller (Co-Founder)

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