minimise carbon footprint of structures based on data.
Our ETH Spin-off is dedicated to extending the operational life of existing buildings and bridges through data-driven solutions. We aim to maximize the potential of these structures without compromising safety, ultimately reducing their carbon footprint and optimizing maintenance costs.
With the support of this Innovation Booster, we will study and implement cutting-edge methods to estimate the CO2 emissions saved by our solution when applied to a monitored building. This will allow us to quantify our sustainability impact and integrate it into our value proposition.
The circular aspects of our project align with the core principles of the circular economy: extracting the maximum value from existing assets without compromising safety. In collaboration with a company that owns hundreds of buildings in Switzerland, we will develop a case study showcasing our impact on a real building we monitor, further contributing to the establishment of a circular built environment.
Team profiles

» Panagiotis Martakis (Founder and CEO)
» Cyprien Hoelzl (Co-Founder)

Additional information

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