HuusHOCH - Aus Alt bau neu!

Our mission is to drive real change in the building industry by starting with the youngest minds. We’ve founded HuusHOCH and organize Baukultur-Workshops for kids, offering them a unique perspective on the world as planners and engaging them in circular building tasks. During these workshops, children learn to think circularly and experiment with reusing construction elements by working with their own hands. We repurpose architectural models donated by local offices, giving them a new lease on life as building materials.
During the CBI Booster, we plan to optimize our workflow and resources while expanding our reach to more children. We’ll enhance our online presence through engaging content on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. We’re also developing a workshop manual for schools and architecture studios to collaborate with us at our Klybeck-Areal space or other locations. Additionally, we’ll explore ways to engage teenagers aged 11-18 and expand to other cities.
The circular aspects of our project involve letting children experience circular principles in a playful, hands-on way. We introduce the complexities of the circular building industry with simple examples that children can easily grasp. Our use of architectural models obtained from local studios as building materials makes our construction site truly circular, contributing to the establishment of a circular built environment.
Team profiles

» Maria Anna Ochocka (Project Lead)
» Leon Faust (Architect)

Additional information

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