Concrete Structural Re-Usability


This project explores the vast potential of reusing concrete structural components, driven by its notable environmental advantages such as reduced CO2 emissions and material conservation. Despite its promise, this practice remains largely unexplored due to challenges related to variable quality and rebar configurations. This collaborative project integrates theoretical assessments to estimate the potential of these components alongside practical experimentation through a 1:1 mockup built from concrete slabs sourced from demolition sites. The initiative is set to advance sustainable construction practices by integrating reused components into new construction.

In the CBI Booster, the team will estimate the potential of reused building components to replace traditional weight-bearing elements. These results will then be tested in a practical setting through a 1:1 scale mockup, applying theoretical insights to a real-world context.

Team profiles

»  Adrian Kiesel (Project Lead)

» Veronica Contucci

Concrete Structural Re-Usability


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