Circular Construction Co-Pilot

C33 - Circular Construction Catalyst

To boost the systemic transformation, the Circular Construction Co-Pilot is introducing digital means for open knowledge sharing in the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operation) industry, adapted to the specific needs of planners engaged in circular and sustainable construction. The project aims to provide all stakeholders with an interactive, AI-based tool that provides a) a chatbot to allow orientation on existing initiatives, services, standards etc. and enables b) a Q&A functionality for interactive discussions.

During the CBI Booster, the focus for the Co-Pilot project will lie on leveraging existing technologies rather than developing new ones. This period will be dedicated to identifying the appropriate components to ensure a lean and cost-effective operation of the tool. Key deliverables include detailed use case descriptions, a prototype to showcase the tool’s potential, technical specifications for an MVP, a business plan for implementation and maintenance, a rule book for community-driven content curation, establishing a supportive core team, and documenting the process and insights on social media

Team profiles

»  Kira Kulik (Project Lead)

»  Maximilian Vomhof (Managing Director

Circular Construction Co-Pilot


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