Baubewilligung Kreislauffähig

Kocher Minder Architekten
A building permit process for a circular construction method must follow a different logic than today. The design of the approval process in such a way that the inspection authority has sufficient flexibility to deal with the legalities of the reuse of materials and components is needed. Together with the City of Thun and the legal department, Kocher Minder Architekten isdeveloping a publicly accessible “Merkblatt-Baubewilligung kreislauffähig”. All private and professional developers, investors, and approval authorities will benefit from our findings and the fact sheet. Simplifying the building permit process for Reuse projects reduces the process risks that building owners and project developers are currently confronted with. They want to create a basis for a new, circular approval process.
Team profiles

»  Matthias Kocher (Project Lead)


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